We are affiliated with “Bank of Atmaurium” one of the world’s oldest existing Financial Institutions.

Welcome to 9 Stars Credit Union

9 Stars Credit Union offers a wide range of benefits to our global membership, with a focus on Moorish Sovereign Nationals. For the latter, this includes those of us who live, work, worship or attend schools in Moorish counties across the USA and abroad. We provide a wide range of financial solutions, including but not limited to, checking and savings accounts, consumer and auto loans, and personal and business banking. A full range of investment and financial planning services are also available.

We strongly believe that in our global community, we are brothers and sisters that embrace inclusion, diversity, second chances, acceptance and of great importance, we need financial banking opportunities that uplift our families and businesses.

Reasons to choose 9 Stars

  • Wide range of bank accounts and loans
  • Competitively low interest rates
  • Online banking facilities
  • Services designed for Moorish Nationals
  • Secure transactions
  • Speedy account updates
  • Online / Offline deposits and fund transfers

Today’s Rate of Interest – Annual Percentage Rate, (APR).

APR0%Personal Loan
APR0%Vehicle Loan
APR0%Home Loan
APR0%Business Loan

9 Stars Bank and Loan Accounts

Personal Checking Account

With today’s electronic banking systems, every individual requires at least one personal bank account. We offer you two choices.

  • Personal Checking Bank Account
  • Personal Savings Bank Account
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Business Checking Account

A business bank account is a must to perform all standard business to transactions. Consequently, we are pleased to offer you the following choices:

  • Business Checking Bank Account
  • Business Savings Bank Account
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Loan Accounts

9 Stars Credit Union offers you a wide range of loan accounts. The interest rates for our loan accounts are highly competitive, and vary dependent upon the type of loan you need. The application process is simple and hassle-free, and we are pleased to have provided many in our community with a loan.
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How we are unique

9 Stars Credit Union is here to help you achieve your financial goals.

Specialized for our Global Community

Here at 9 Stars, we are more than just a Credit Union. We are a global community with strong core values, and proud of our dedication to the growth and financial empowerment of our members.

We understand your needs

Here at 9 Stars Credit Union, we are committed to offering our members a hassle-free service. Irrespective of your needs, be it our banking, loan, or any of our add-on services, we are ready and willing to help you.

Better Rates

We offer very competitive low rates of interest on loans and credit cards, and higher yields on your investments and savings accounts, meaning that your funds will yield more on a daily basis.

More and more and more for more of us

Do you want financial empowerment? Then come join us to take advantage of the new and exciting opportunities available.