Your analysis, research, and investment ideas, become a reality with a 9 Stars Credit Union investment trading account. At 9 Stars Credit Union we offer low risk investment plans, making these a safe place to grow your funds. Additionally, we charge low commission fees, and also provide you with independent research tools, so that you can make informed decisions. As part of our trading terms, we do not permit any high risk trading options. Instead, we provide you with the best platform and services to grow your funds.

Account Features and Benefits

  • A minimum of $5000.00 (Five-Thousand USD), to open the account
  • Low monthly maintenance fees
  • Free fund transfers to savings or checking accounts
  • Low commission fees

Investment Trading Instruments

  • Share / Bond Certificates
  • Commodities like Gold and Silver
  • Current stable Indices
  • Investment in a new business project

Register Online for an Investment Trading Account

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