Who we are

We are a legal entity, registered and authorized as follows:

Atmaurium 9 stars Credit Union
Routing Number: 000222141
Trust Number: 010105905
Bank Operating Number: 0000209316

Atmaurium 9 Stars Credit Union offers a wide range of benefits to our global membership, with a focus on Moorish Sovereign Nationals. For the latter, this includes those of us who live, work, worship, or attend schools in Moorish counties across the USA and abroad. For all of our members, we provide a wide range of financial solutions, including but not limited to, checking and savings accounts, consumer and auto loans, and personal and business loans. A full range of investment and financial planning services are also available.

We strongly believe that in our global community, we are brothers and sisters that embrace inclusion, diversity, second chances, acceptance, and of great importance, we need financial banking opportunities that uplift our families and businesses.

What is a Credit Union?

On a global basis there are currently some 88,000 Credit Unions, comprising of some 393 million members, with assets of over $3.4 Trillion. A Credit Union, a type of financial institution similar to a commercial bank, is a financial co-operative that provides savings, loans, and a range of financial services to its’ members. Credit Unions are owned by the people who use its’ services. Therefore, in the financial sector, the emphasis is always on providing a highly rated personal service to its’ members. It is a non-profit entity, owned and controlled by the members, and a union where membership is based on a common bond. Each member is entitled to one vote, with volunteer directors elected on an annual basis from the membership, by the membership.

How to join

First and foremost, you have to be 18 (eighteen) years old to become a member. You can live anywhere in the world, and we have no discrimination against your ethnicity. However, we do have a strong affiliation with the Moorish community, and so we are also inviting our Moorish brothers and sisters to come aboard with us.

Benefits of Joining

  • You can get a personal checking or savings bank account for family members
  • You can get a business checking bank account for your business
  • You can get one of the various loans we have on offer, such as a personal, business, home, vehicle, or student, etc.
  • You can get the best investment opportunities
  • You can empower your family with our support
  • At the point of opening each account notification of charges if any, will be relayed for your acceptance or rejection
  • If any Service Fees, Tariffs or Charges, need to be applied, these will be notified to members dependent upon individual circumstances, but all to follow compliance with Sharia law
  • We will apply compound interest to all Investment and Savings accounts

Our Banking Service Areas

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