We offer personal savings accounts that enable easy access to your money. More importantly, we ensure that it is placed in a secure Federal insured institution. We pay interest on your balance, therefore allowing your savings to be safe, secure and more lucrative than other saving methods. Our Personal Savings Accounts pay interest on your balance, with interest rates more competitive than other savings accounts, allowing you to store your savings over a longer time period.

Account Features and Benefits

  • 5.5% interest rate
  • No minimum balance required to open and maintain the account
  • To safeguard you against fraud, free ID theft protection is included
  • No monthly fee if minimum balance is maintained
  • First order of 100 personalized checks is free
  • Free Debit Card
  • Free online banking and bill payments
  • Speedy electronic updates of your debit and credit transactions

Register Online for a Personal Savings Account

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